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Bethany is a million percent dedicated to her passion and training her horses. She is always there to lend a hand and has spent hours patiently helping my daughter from being a terrified nervous wreck into a very happy, confident little jockey. Bethany's enthusiasm in learning and love for the sport along with her kind helpful nature and determination to fulfil her goals should be acknowledged. Sophie Whitaker

Bethany is mature beyond her years. Bethany does not have a ready made school master and works super hard with her horse, the beautiful and cheeky  Frank. The hard work pays off and they always achieve amazing results at dressage. Beth lives on the farm and is out at all hours mucking out, clipping, filling nets, bathing horses and giving the smaller kids lessons. A pleasure to know and always wearing a smile. Nicky Buttle

Bethany is totally dedicated and passionate towards her horses and chosen discipline, dressage. She is truly an inspiration to young people striving to reach their goals in life. Heather Holmes

Well I just want to thank Bethany, today we went to visit Davey while away at boarding school to be broken and start his education. I just have to say that I'm highly impressed with the professionalism and competency shown by Bethany who I can not recommend highly enough for her skill and her compassion. Davey has grown both physical and mentally and I will be sending my other youngster next year. Thank you Bethany so much, can't wait to see him again thank you kim xxxx Kim Young

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